Sell more. Save more.

If you only sell what fits in your boxes, something is wrong. Start selling the products you believe in. And simply make the boxes fit around them.

While doing so, you are not only saving money, but also helping the planet.

BaaS: Boxes as a Service

Running an online shop is challenging. There are a million things you have to think about. And packaging is one of those things that you want to have covered. Because if your products don't go out of the door, you're not selling.

That is why we offer the Slimbox as a service. So you can make your boxes, right when you need them in the perfectly fitting size.

No need to take any risk or worry about heavy investments. The solution can be easily adapted to your needs on a monthly basis.


The New Slimbox

A Slimbox is a machine which understands your packaging needs. Just give it the length, width and height of your object(s) et voila! Out comes your perfect box.

Whether you are just starting out, or have a well oiled company, the Slimbox adapts to your challenges. Not just in price, but also in functionality.

Happier customers. Better planet.

Have you ever wondered what your customers are saying about your parcels? Shipping oversized boxes means you are using too much corrugated, too many filler materials and make it impossible to optimize transport. On average parcels contain over 40% air and filler materials.

And when products are put in an oversized box, damages happen.


Get rich. Or die trying.

How many times have you ran back and forth through the warehouse to look for a fitting box? How much time have you spent on sourcing the right boxes at the right price? We can show you, using your numbers, how much a Slimbox will save you.