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Meet the new Slimbox

New Slimbox total solution

Right sized solution

Whether you need just a few or a few hundred boxes per day, the Slimbox setup can be adapted to your needs.

You decide when you want to go from manual feeding with sheets to automated feeding with a fanfold feeder. Just select another plan and we'll do the rest for you.


The dimensions are yours

Start creating practically any size box with your Slimbox. That means you can ship all the goods you want. Because it's not just big or small, it can also do odd sizes and shapes.

Here we explain why it's so difficult to say what the biggest possible box is.


Any model. Yes, any.

In the Slimbox library, you will already find an extensive number of models for both boxes and inlays. A number of those boxes follow the Fefco standards, others are special designs. But it doesn't end there. You can simply upload your own designs. That also means that anything that you can draw, can be cut. 

Ground control

Any online device can be used to control the Slimbox. See it as a printer. Just select the model of box or inlay you like, set the dimensions to the size you need and press the Cut button. That's it.

But of course it can do more: work with large batches, receive the dimensions from your ERP or WMS so that your box is made Just-In-Time with zero buttons pressed.

Boxes in cloud.png

Speed. Speeeeeed.

A regular box takes about 30 seconds to make. Everything depends on size, model and material of course. But there should be no waiting time. Because the right integration in your fulfillment department, will have the boxes ready by the time you finished your previous one.


Personalization is key

Though there is no printer in the Slimbox, the machine has other tricks up its sleeve. How about you engrave a personalized message or logo in your box? Think about the unboxing experience for your customer. Youtube, here we come!


Smoke and filtering

The Slimbox uses laser-technology. Not that it makes any difference to you. However, cutting corrugated with light results in smoke. And that needs to be ventilated. We make sure you can connect it to a chimney (or something similar). If that is absolutely no option, then we offer a filtration system too. So you're always covered.

Slimbox and feeder from side

Right sized machine

The Slimbox grows along with your business. The more you need it, the more automated it can become. That automation requires extra space. Though the exact dimensions depend on the type of products your are putting in a box - complete chairs or just small 3D printed items - the setup as seen in this image takes up about 5 m (16.5 ft) in length. The Slimbox itself is just below 2 m (6.5 ft).

And the highest point of the feeder does not come over 2.5 m (8.3 ft).

Maintenance & support

The Slimbox requires limited maintenance. So little even, that you can do it yourself. But when things go wrong, you can count on us! Since it comes as a service, we make sure that there are technicians available in your area. You're in good hands!


New Slimbox?

What happened with the old Slimbox? Simple: a lot of companies are using it  - in 12 different countries even. However, in the past 5 years the market and needs have evolved. And so we figured that we could do an even better job. Hence the update.


With corrugated cardboard - in sheets or fanfold - you can make a lot of sturdy and good looking boxes. If you wish, we help you select the best type(s) for your needs. No matter if you have light or heavy goods, big or small or even want to have them printed, we can deliver them.

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