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Forest Fire

Sustainable shipping boxes, made by you

Customized packaging is far more sustainable than standard packaging that doesn't fit optimally. By making our shipping boxes fit the contents better, we can avoid up to 122 million tons of CO2 emissions a year worldwide.

Fewer raw materials needed

The smaller your shipping boxes, the less corrugated cardboard you’ll need. On top of that, our smart machine optimizes its cutting lines via nesting, in order to minimize waste. That way, we easily save 20% cardboard usage per package.

Less air shipped

By using Slimbox, our partners reduce their shipment volume by an average of 50%! This reduces your CO2 emissions, minimizes dimensional weight and avoids unnecessary shipping costs.

Less or no filling material

Because the packaging fits so well, you’ll need little or no padding material. Forget about air cushions, bubble wrap and (non-recyclable) filling chips. With Slimbox you can even create a perfectly fitting insert, for a high-quality unboxing experience and optimal protection during shipping.

Less damaged goods

Thanks to the optimal dimensions of the shipping boxes you make with Slimbox, your goods are much better protected. This not only helps to reduce waste, it also translates into fewer returns and less operational and financial waste. With Slimbox, you can easily save up to 30% on your shipping costs – and that's not even counting the cost of your second shipping attempt!


Ready for smarter and more sustainable packaging?

With Slimbox, you’re doing the climate a favor while benefiting from fewer returns, cheaper shipping and more satisfied customers. Want to know more? Request your personal demo or take a look at our pricing page for more information about our different packs.

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