Forest Fire

There's no planet B.

Honestly, that phrase has been repeated way too many times. But, it is true though. Elon didn't reach Mars yet and even then, we should not give up on our home planet, right?

So why don't you help it a bit.

Carbon footprint

122 million tons of CO2 is what we can reduce per year. Just by optimizing boxes and simply removing the empty space in them.

Customer satisfaction

We're way past 2019 and Greta doesn't show up in every TV program anymore. But boy, did it resonate. Your customers just don't take it anymore that you're sending them a small product in an oversized box, filled with filler materials. Keep doing that, and you'll be out of business before you know it.

Less corrugated used

It makes sense right; smaller boxes means less corrugated material used. Easily over 20% less for the same type of parcel.

Landfill filler materials

In Europe, only 17% of household plastics are recycled. Your air pillows and bubblewrap is part of that. Why don't you replace it with... nothing? Or when your products are really breakable, with corrugated filler or an inlay? Of course it can be done with the Slimbox solution.

Broken goods

According to Stella Services, 1 in 10 parcels arrives damaged. And almost 70% of people have received damaged items when ordering online, according to Gavin Mounce. That means: lost products, new products, extra packaging and extra shipping.

You didn't hear it from us.


Bo Van De Walle, Beau by Bo

When I'm looking for the goods that I want to sell in our shop, I don't even think about the boxes anymore. We just make them fit.