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Cheaper shipping boxes, made with Slimbox

Less cardboard, less padding, less damaged goods: with Slimbox you won’t only work more efficiently, you’ll also save financially. Add to that the lower shipping costs and the fact that you don't have to manage the stock of your standard shipping boxes anymore, and you understand why custom-made boxes make a difference. Slimbox helps you to spend your time and money much more efficiently.

Save on cardboard and package filler

Less corrugated cardboard, less package fillers, less damaged goods: with Slimbox you don't just save on your ecological footprint, you also make big financial gains. Would you rather add some filling material to your package, just to be extra sure? With our shredder you can turn your cardboard leftovers into recyclable cardboard shreds. Free and zero-waste – isn't that a nice bonus?

Save on shipping costs

Nobody likes to pay for dimensional weight. By choosing made-to-measure packaging, you only pay for what you ship, not for any unnecessary air that unintentionally travels along.

Save on stock

Since Slimbox allows you to create the perfect shipping box exactly when you need it, you no longer need to invest in a large stock of standard boxes. No more time wasted searching for that one specific box in that one specific size, lying around somewhere in your warehouse. Thanks to Slimbox, stock management and expensive packaging rush orders are a thing of the past. 


What's more? Slimbox monitors your cardboard consumption, allowing us to supply you with corrugated cardboard just in time: early enough so that you don't run out, late enough so your stockpile won’t get too big.


Ready for smart cost savings?

Making your own custom boxes has never been so easy and affordable. Ask for a demo or discover our different packs and find out how Slimbox can make the difference for your company.

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