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Extra satisfied customers thanks to Slimbox

A flawless unboxing experience starts with Slimbox. Packaging that fits seamlessly looks and feels qualitative and sustainable, which in turn raises the perceived value of your product and brand to new heights!

Sustainable appearance

Customers don’t enjoy receiving small products in oversized boxes filled with padding material. As they become more environmentally conscious, they are on the lookout for environmentally conscious suppliers. With Slimbox, you show you’re committed.

Personalized packaging

The recipient's name on the box, or a personalized message? You can do that too with Slimbox. One-of-a-kind or in series, the choice is yours.

Quality finishing

Seamlessly fitting packaging reflects a sense of quality. And with matching inlays, you can give each package extra cachet, making your products appear all the more valuable. Want to go even further? Slimbox's laser technology lets you decorate your shipping boxes and develop unique box shapes tailored to each product.

More satisfied customers

Nothing as disappointing as receiving a long-awaited package that arrives damaged. Thanks to the ideal format of a Slimbox box, your products move less, reducing the risk of damaged shipments. And there you go: a smile on your face and on that of the customer.


Unboxing to the max? Yes please.

Check out our pricing to discover which pack suits you best, or book your personal demo in which we dive deeper into the possibilities of Slimbox.

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