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Discover Slimbox

How does Slimbox work?

Packaging often causes frustration for both sender and receiver. Slimbox puts an end to this frustration.

Slimbox makes sending a parcel as much fun as receiving it.

Slimbox and feeder from side
Up-to-date and scalable cloud software
Fully integrated in your fulfillment process
Feeder for cardboard sheets
or z-fold rolls
Corrugated cardboard:
supplied by Slimbox if you wish
Cardboard scraps shredded into filling material

BaaS: Boxes as a Service


With Slimbox, you create customized packaging boxes at the touch of a button.


  • On a monthly subscription basis, you can rent our Slimbox laser cutter which we install at your premises. 

  • Via our handy webapp, you simply enter the dimensions of your product, after which a perfectly fitting cardboard box rolls off the conveyor belt. 

  • Meanwhile, you can count on us for advice, assistance, software updates, and an inexhaustible supply of corrugated cardboard.


For e-commerce, retail, manufacturing

and more


Slimbox's flexibility makes it the perfect solution for e-commerce. But we also make customers happy in the construction sector, interior design business and far beyond. Always with a focus on environmental impact, cost savings and ease of use.

Slimbox in action


Why choose Slimbox?


Packaging made with Slimbox means less cardboard, less packing peanuts and most importantly, less damaged goods. That way, you save CO2, raw materials and waste.


A flawless unboxing experience starts with Slimbox. Made-to-measure cardboard packaging, customized with personalized messages, inlays and more. Quality look-and-feel and a sustainable appeal? Slimbox has it all.


Perfectly fitting packaging results in fewer broken goods. Add to that less cardboard, less filler material and less shipping costs? Savings guaranteed!


Tired of worrying about your packaging? Slimbox does the thinking for you. With our incredibly user-friendly web app, you can create perfectly fitting boxes in all sizes, saving you a lot of hassle with damaged goods and ecommerce returns.

Discover how it works

Is Slimbox right for you?


Request your personal demo or take a look at our pricing for more info on our different packs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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