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Seal the Deal with the Slimbox gluegun

The Ultimate Glue Gun for Top-Notch Packaging 

Why should we glue our packaging?

Looking for the perfect solution to deliver right-sized packaging in an economical and efficient way?  Slimbox has got you covered!  With an extensive catalog of box models, Slimbox can provide tailored fit for each package. 

That diverse range of box models means different methods of sealing, from self-locking boxes and tape-sealed boxes to those best assembled with glue. Slimbox also offers the custom FastFlow box model, using an adjustable erecting tool for a quick and easy packaging flow; no glue required (and 500 boxes send with 1 Slimbox and 1 operator)! 

Using glue for packaging doesn’t have to be messy or ineffective—meet the Slimbox gluegun (& Toon). The TEC3400 isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill glue gun. This industrial-level powerhouse brings flexibility, working comfort and speed to your Slimbox packaging operations. As a high-output, electronically controlled glue gun, the TEC3400 is designed to take on any package. Ranging from a beauty to an ugly or a 30kg motorblock-box. 

How fast does it stick?

Thanks to its patented ECOTEC® technology, this tool offers first-rate temperature precision, ensuring consistent high-quality adhesive application. By using interchangeable plug-in modules, you can easily adjust the temperature for different materials. This guarantees optimal adhesion every time. This temperature changes are important as you might want different melting times. For small, fast boxes we need a short glue time of 1 or 2 seconds. When you're glueing big packaging, you might need a bit more time to consistantly glue a cover for example.

The TEC3400 can be equipped with a double exit nozzle, providing a dual stroke output. The adjustment wheel gives the user full control over the amount of glue dispensed with each trigger pull. 

Glue & cartridges for box fixing

Reloading is simple and straightforward, thanks to quick-insert cartridges. The corrugate specialists at Slimbox have selected a particular type of glue which is optimally suited for corrugated cardboard. This glue dries in a matter ofseconds, far outperforming traditional hobby glue guns. Furthermore these glue cartridges are larger and more efficient, reducing the need for frequent reloads and offering a more economical use. 

The TEC3400’s design includes options for attaching to a pulley system, a hook, and a detachable stand, ensuring your tool is always within reach at your packaging station. 

The machine also features a build-in eco-friendly standby mode. that powers down the tool after a certain period of inactivity.  

Recap: This glue gun delivers speed, comfort, and reliability, helping you produce strong, crisp packages every time. Get your hands on the TEC3400 and experience the difference in your packaging flow today! 


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