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Packing fragile frames with Slimbox

In this video, Slimbox demonstrates different methods for packing and shipping fragile frames while ensuring the same level of flexibility you're used to from us.

The challenge of packing frames isn't solely their fragility, although glass, as you know, is a delicate material. It's rather the combination of fragility, weight, and the critical need to keep the frames scratch-free."

The extra flexibility here is that with Slimbox, you're not only able to pack frames of any dimension you want, but you can also pack them for the circumstances you need. We explain three options here: scratch-free packaging, protective packaging, and parcel packaging.

Scratch-free packaging - Envelop box

Our scratch-free packaging is made with an envelope box. This is a box type that takes less time to print and is easy and fast to fold around the product. This package is perfectly suited to protect your frame from inside and outside scratches and is the perfect package if you have pallet transport (with a pallet box made with your Slimbox) or if your frames are transported by your own installers.

You can choose to include mushrooms for easier fitting and taping. If you prefer to strap or glue the box, you can print without them.

Protective-Packaging - the airchamber box

The protective packaging is the perfect box for when you're not controlling the shipment and work with a professional transporting partner. Here, you not only want to pack scratch-free but also ensure the package is more robust and protects the frame against breakage. This is certainly important for more fragile frames like paintings or decorative picture frames.

This goal is met by integrating air chambers in the box. With these air chambers, we create extra bumpers to protect the frame from impact and breakage. While using B flute (Bull corrugated) for easy handling, one can also choose to pack with our EE-flute or Leopard corrugated for an even safer shipment.

Parcel packaging - the extra protective box

There is a big difference concerning handling and care when comparing a transportation company with a parcel company like DHL, DPD, or others. So, in this case, if we want our frames to be shipped with parcel companies, we need some extra protection. For this case, we choose to work with the same chamber box but integrate corners for extra protection.

These corners are tailor-made to your product; you can adjust the width, and there is even a clicking system to prevent them from moving in the box during transport. All this is very easily foldable and applicable. Another advantage of these corners is that there is no direct contact between the corrugated side of the box and the frame itself, although the frame will certainly not move within the box. Here, you could even integrate some extra corrugated sheets for extra protection.

For this extra protective box, we are selecting EE flute or the double-layered Leopard corrugated.

Any more questions or curious about these packaging systems could be applicable to your product? Feel free to contact us; we're always happy to help and open for a new packaging challenge!


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