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How to properly close the perfect box and which tape dispenser to use for the best results.

In the world of e-commerce, efficiency is everything. Customers click 'order' and expect to have their latest purchase in their hands the very next day. What often goes unnoticed is the complex logistical chain reaction that underpins this seamless experience.

This is where the Slimbox solution comes into play, an innovative tool that can create the right box in the right size at the right time. The benefits of the right box dimensions should not be underestimated. Products that are loose and slide around in the packaging are at an increased risk of damage, leading to returns. Additionally, using smaller boxes results in a more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation process.

So far, not much news, you might think? It may seem banal at first glance until you are actually confronted with it: how do I keep that perfectly designed box together? However, closing the right box is an essential part of this process, and there are various methods for it. In this video, we demonstrate different options for box sealing, both manual and automatic tape dispensers.

Fully Automated vs. Manual Tape Dispensers

Toon demonstrates how to use a fully automated device: a machine that cuts water-activated tape to the correct length (which you can preprogram). Another advantage of this fully automated device is that the heat also makes the tape adhere faster and better, seamlessly integrated with your WMS (Warehouse Management System).

In addition, we also have the simpler manual option, which allows you to optimize your sealing process. Here too, you can manually input the sizes you frequently use and have them cut accordingly. This tape dispenser is also quite fast and accurate, although the tape is not heated and is therefore slightly slower. This manual solution is therefor a more budget-friendly option.

For our customers: At Slimbox, we offer both solutions to our customers, along with reinforced and non-reinforced tape, which you can find on our customer webshop."


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