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"Uglies" (big, odd, long, fragile, or just difficult to pack boxes) packaged with your Slimbox

At Slimbox, we have three main applications for creating your own packaging. We're here to help you pack "standard" dimensions fast & efficient (within 1 minute) with the SlimboxFastForward project.

We have the "beauty" application where we make you create true gifts with personalisation, inlays and just very elegant packaging.

When it comes to "uglies", we're the right fit as well. Our customers are now perfectly fitted packaging every product with their Slimbox. No matter the product dimensions, odd form, fragility of the product or the difficulty to ship). This in a very (cost)efficient, agile, easy and professional way.

And psst: by packaging these uglies perfectly fitted we're, in some cases, transforming pallet shipments into parcel deliveries!

Let us show you how it's done in this video. We're packaging:

00:00: Easel: Safely packed with the FEFCO330 and custom made inlay to keep it steady in the box

00:31: Heavy metal frame with glass: Packagedd in the FEFCO 403 or chamber box for extra protection on the sides and corners.

00:44: Big Lampshade: Packad in a FEFCO 201 with a custom inlay to avoid dents in both the box and the product.

01:16: Ladder: Packed in the FEFCO 454 as the bottom and a FEFCO 452 for the bottom (for double walls) with an extra inlay for secure fixing. This inlay also protects the product and the box from damage by the protrusion.

01:55: 3 "really usefull boxes": Packed in a "simple" american box or FEFCO 201. The solution is simple, but the product quite fragile, so perfect sizing is crucial here.

02:08: Plastic container: Here we used a FEFCO 200 as a bottom and a FEFCO 452 as a top.

02:30: Big trashcan: Packaged in our custom-created Fefco 200 telescopic box for optimal protection during shipping. Depending in the time-efficiency you want to have here you could obtain to insert an inlay or en extra box for better product fixion (as the trashcan is not square and the box is).

Questions? Or just curious if Slimbox might be a fit for your packaging flow? You know where to find us! contact


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