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Perfectly fitted packaging makes fillers redundant

Shipping safely and more sustainable is not always easy. Fillers can be a solution, but it's not entirely ideal. With Slimbox's packaging solution, you no longer need fillers to send your goods safely. It's better for the environment and saves you money. And these are not the only benefits.

Broken goods

Fillers should ensure that your products reach your customers in one piece, but they are not always safe. Do you use air cushions? Then goods are just as likely to end up at the bottom of the box. And that is precisely the most sensitive point for breaking.

Even with filling material, there is a chance that customers will receive a damaged box, or even worse: a damaged product. Both are not only bad for the image of your company, it can also cost you a lot. After all, a broken product means you have to arrange and bear the costs of a return shipment and the extra hassle. Moreover, you have to replace the broken product, pick a new order, send it, process it administratively ... In short, just extra costs and loss of time.


Other types of fillers, on the other hand, take up a lot of space in the warehouse or production area. Just think of chips or bubble wrap. Moreover, they are not environmentally friendly, as they are often single-use plastics. All that plastic filling material can also have a negative impact on customer friendliness. Because your customers receive an unwanted pile of waste in their package that they have to dispose of or recycle themselves.

Tailored made boxing

The solution? The Slimbox machine that cuts cardboard to perfectly fitted packaging. So each of your product has it's on specific box, tailor made. So no more moving products, most of the time no more fillers, and that has other advantages as well:

Safety Your packaging is perfectly dimensioned so that your product doesn't move. Which reduces the chance of broken goods drastically.

Flexibility 1 solution for all your packaging and products: from ironing boards to furniture, snowboards or small cables. Without having to have any stock (or stock delivery time ;) ).


Less filling material means less waste. Perfectly fitted packaging also takes a lot less volume, so our products get shipped more sustainable as well.

We've talked about broken goods, well, no surprise they have an extreme impact on the environment as well. A TU Delft working group calculated that the CO2 emissions are reduced by 78% with perfectly fitted packaging compared to universal packaging.


No more filling costs, less returning goods, less broken products, less shipping costs for international expedition (if there is dimensional weight) and just cheaper boxes as well.


You make a great first impression with a Slimbox unboxing experience. You can even personalise your cardboard, add personalised messages (f.ex: a text from sender to receiver). The right package augments the perceived quality of your product as well!


Your right packaging just comes out of the Slimbox, perfectly fitted for your specific product and specifications. You don't longer need stock, stocklocations, order times,..

Cardboard wrapper

You want to keep on using wraps/fillers (sometimes you really can't ship without (f.ex: the bottle in this picture) but in a more sustainable way. Then you can equip your packaging station with a shredder that transforms cardboard waste into cardboard filling wraps you can wrap around your product. This shredder is integrated in the all-in pack.


Curious on how to integrate the Slimbox in your fulfilment flow? Buy or rent? Book your online demo now. Specific questions, or you just want to have a chat or call concerning your fulfilment? Get in touch, we'd like to help you further.


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