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Packaging flexibility (and much more) for Velleman Group

Velleman group is a Belgian producer and distributor of electronics, diy material. 

The advantages for Velleman Group

  • Always a suitable packaging (even for uglies and very long products)

  • No need to stock packaging boxes anymore

  • More space in the warehouse

  • Less returns

  • More sustainable shipping

  • More satisfied customers

Seemlessly packing "uglies" and other long products

Since implementing the Slimbox, the Velleman Group has excelled in efficiently and perfectly packing their large products.  "We now even have perfectly fitted packaging for our products that are longer than 1.80meter."


Through seamless integration , we ensure that for each item, the perfect custom-sized box (considering not only product dimensions but also the ideal box type for that specific product) is automatically directed to the right pack station.

Only efficiency? 

"While packing with Slimbox is solving our big-product-struggle, we're also shipping a lot more sustainable . We're shipping less volume, don't have to use any filling material anymore and have less broken goods."


"Slimbox is offering all the packing flexibility we can dream of on 14m². That's why we're not only producing our Shipping boxes, but are also creating our product packaging with inlays and personalisation. "

Would you like to reduce your number of returns?


With Slimbox, you can create a tailor-made package with just one touch of a button. Pack and ship greener, cheaper and more efficiently while increasing customer satisfaction. Looking for the ideal solution? Ditch your old bulky packaging boxes and book your personal demo now.



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