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Want to be on top of the Fefco 330? Welcome to the Top- and Bottom Box!

Why a top- and bottom box?

There are many interesting applications where Top- and bottom boxes are used. This FEFCO 330 is typically used when safety towards both impact and penetration are important. This because a product packed in this top- and bottom box is covered in 3 layers of corrugated. When (and this is of course always the case with a Slimbox) the box is perfectly fitted for the product your product is not moving in the box anymore which makes this a perfect solution for fragile products. If your insurance company would have to select for you, this would really be their go-to box type.

Any downsides? Yes Because you will actually have to make 2 boxes fitting into each other you will have to use double as much corrugated and have to fold 2 boxes, which makes the overall handling time a bit longer.

Top- and bottom box with Slimbox


You might by now already know how our software works. For most cases the connection with the API is selecting the right box. For the Top-and bottom one only has to give (or push) length/width/height of your product and our software can start producing both the bottom and top as one combination. This off course taking into account both the thickness of the selected corrugated and the fact that the bottom of the box has to be slightly larger than the bottom. As mentioned in the video below you can also select the lock tap factor. Here you (if you want) can select the length of the clicking system this is the option where you can choose to make the clicking system easy to stick but the boxes slightly more difficult to stack, or the other way around. Our expert is suggesting the “middle factor” of 3.


As mentioned in the intro, folding the box can take some more time than average as you have to fold 2 boxes for 1 package. On the other hand the both sides are quite easy to fold and handle as it’s also an auto lock box (which means you don’t have to use any staples, tape, or glue). You can choose to be very precise and use folding aid (like in the video), but if there is time pressure (and there always is) you can just fold the box without. You can choose to connect the top and the bottom both with our tape or with a strapping machine.


As mentioned, with the 3 layers of corrugated this is your safeguard. With this nice looking package you’re not making a lot of compromises on the aesthetic level. But you do when it comes to handling time, corrugated efficiency and print speed.

Slimbox’s review

·       Box design: Aesthetic strenght

·       Easiness & speed of handling: Medium - 7 seconds

·       Box safety: High

·       Suggested type of corrugated: Butterfly (E-flute)/ Bull (B-flute)

·       Corrugated efficiency: low

·       Print speed: Medium slow


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