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The cardboard classic

Easily create the world's most popular box with Slimbox.

It goes without saying that, with our Slimbox machine, you can also create the FEFCO 201. The what?

If you're not that familiar with the world of packaging, the name probably will not mean anything to you. However, without any doubt, you have already had a FEFCO 201 in your hands.

“The Legendary American Box”. "The American Folding Box". Or simply: “the folding box”. This flap packaging is one of the most common types of box. FEFCO is the international standard system for cardboard boxes.

It is no surprise that the FEFCO 201 is such a classic, because this box:

- is cheap to produce;

- has a successful, practical, sturdy and economical design. You get a lot of packaging done with a minimum of cardboard;

- can be made in almost any desired size and cardboard quality.

Does this seemingly perfect box have any drawbacks? A small one: you will always have a side flap that you will have to glue, stick or staple to finish the box and give it the necessary strength.

With our Slimbox installation you can easily and quickly produce the FEFCO 201 again and again in different sizes. Moreover, you will have little waste from your cardboard base plate afterwards.

Toon will give you some tips and tricks in the video and show you how to work efficiently. You will discover, among other things:

- how to maximize the use of your cardboard base plate to make the perfect box. This reduces your ecological footprint. Moreover, thanks to Slimbox, you can recycle superfluous cardboard into filler ( );

- how to assemble your FEFCO 201 in a minimum of time;

- how your fragile/vulnerable products are best packaged via 'box in the box';

- how to choose the right FEFCO variant. After all, the 201 isn't the only type of FEFCO box.

Different variations offer you the right solution for your product:

o Fefco 203: has a fully overlapping closing flap, and therefore offers extra strength for heavy bottles, for example.

o Fefco 210: excellent for long and high products.

o Fefco 215: a fast construction with 'autolock'.

o Fefco 230: a fast construction where you can close the box with tape.

More information about the possibilities of the FEFCO 201 via Slimbox? Would you like to see how we work with other types of boxes? Keep following us for all kinds of tips & tricks. (add link)


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