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Revolutionizing Packaging for a Sustainable Future: Introducing Slimbox

Have you ever ordered something online only to receive it in a box that's way too big for the product inside? If so, you're not alone. This common issue fills up our trash bins, often damages the products, and negatively impacts our environment. In fact, oversized packaging contributes significantly to our carbon footprint, leading to new EU legislation aimed at combating this practice.

It's surprising that, while we're advancing towards establishing permanent settlements on the Moon and Mars, we still struggle to find the right-sized boxes for shipping goods. In 2024, this shouldn't be the case!

The Environmental Impact of Right-Sized Packaging

Imagine shrinking the size of all parcel boxes by an average of 40%—the industry standard. This change could save an astonishing 98 million trees annually. That’s enough to create a forest as large as Manhattan and Central Park combined. Every single year.

Introducing Slimbox: A Solution for SMEs

Since 2016, we've been dedicated to providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with access to right-sized packaging. We call it Slimbox, and at the heart of our solution is a machine that custom-cuts boxes to the exact dimensions needed from corrugated cardboard.

Our focus on Small to medium sized shippers is intentional. Most right-sized packaging solutions cater to large corporations. Companies like Amazon or have a few warehouses needing these solutions. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of smaller companies selling through these platforms handle their own fulfillment. These SMEs often lack the space and resources for large installations, making our market exponentially larger and more diverse.

In the typical Slimbox setup, long corrugated cardboard is stacked on a pallet and fed into our Slimbox machine, where the magic happens. Our technology allows us to create any packaging size, from small pens to large appliances, and even complex box models or inlays. This flexibility enables our customers to design the most efficient and protective packaging for their products. Additionally, our Slimbox FastFlow© solution can pack items with right-sized packaging within one minute, saving about 40% of labor on average. This leap in efficiency allows SMEs to compete with bigger players.

Why This Matters to Postal Organizations

You might wonder why this is relevant to a postal organization. After all, you ship parcels, not make them. However, let’s explore the benefits:

On average, boxes are 40% too big. Imagine your vehicles carrying only right-sized parcels. The same number of parcels would then fit into just 60% of the vehicle, freeing up 40% of the space for additional parcels. This optimization could result in a 66% reduction in transports, significantly cutting costs and carbon emissions.

Right-sized packaging also means fewer broken goods, leading to happier customers and fewer insurance claims. Postal organizations could negotiate better contracts with customers who use right-sized packaging, creating a competitive advantage and increasing customer loyalty.

With the upcoming EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), being prepared is crucial. Slimbox is the only solution that ensures compliance, regardless of future regulatory changes. Our business model also means that customers don't need to make significant financial investments. We rent out our solutions, ensuring cost savings from day one.

Key Takeaways

  • Drastically fewer transport vehicles = cost and carbon emissions reduction

  • Less broken goods = happier customers

  • Smaller packaging = price negotiation opportunities = customer loyalty

  • PPWR compliance = future-proofing your business

  • Proven win-win-win business model without significant investments = cost reduction from day one

Join us in revolutionizing packaging for a sustainable future. Let’s partner together to make your customers aware of the Slimbox solution. Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint, save costs, and create a more sustainable shipping industry. contact us


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