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That's a wrap!

A perfectly fitting solution: how to reduce empty space using the Slimbox shredder without any impact on your image.

In an ideal world, packaging is unnecessary. Until then, let us make packaging as efficient as possible. Customizing your box every time would be an excellent solution. That's where Slimbox comes in. Plug and play: you can control the Slimbox machine with any online device. Select the model of the box or inlay you like, adjust the dimensions to the size you need and start. That is it. You produce the perfectly sized box for your product. As you should in a circular economy.

Another advantage of the Slimbox system: by building your packaging around your article, you reduce the 'empty space' in your packaging to a minimum. And in doing so, you reduce the risk of your product becoming a victim of the transport. Thanks to Slimbox, your delicate crystal vase will not move half a millimeter during transport – without having to use unnecessary fillers. Because, as we know, all of those fillers have their own problems:

· Filling chips

Filling chips are often made of polystyrene foam, which has already been banned by some cities and countries around the world. Styrofoam is not biodegradable. In addition, the use of filler chips can have a negative impact on the unboxing experience. Your packaging is often the first physical contact between your brand and your customer. If that customer receives a box filled with polystyrene, you do not present yourself as a company with smart, sustainable solutions. You also burden your customer with a lot of single-use plastic.

There are sustainable alternatives such as eco-friendly cornstarch filling chips or recycled paper, but these are often more expensive and heavier than traditional chips, resulting in high shipping costs.

These chips also take up a lot of space in your warehouse. And it takes your packer time to fill the box. Heavy products can also 'sink' to the bottom or move towards the side of the box, which reduces the protection.

• Air cushions, bubble wrap, foam film

Same problem with these fillers: they are made of non-recyclable plastic. In addition, during transport, the goods also end up at the bottom, which is the most sensitive point of the box. In case of damage upon receipt, the sender often pays for the costs of the return, replacement, extra shipping ...

The ideal filler exists

But even with a custom box, protective equipment is still necessary. Sometimes you have to create a buffer between the inside wall of the box and your product. Consider, for example, fragile materials such as glass or ceramics. Extra protection is also indispensable for objects with sharp edges and sides that can perforate your box. Sometimes the item you have to ship has such a specific shape the box cannot be formed 100% around the item. Which filler do we choose? Enter the Slimbox shredder.

In striving for a circular economy, numerous strategies are applied to recycle materials and products in the economy as much as possible after use. They can be transformed into new, high quality products.

After your custom size box has been made, you are left with some remnants of the corrugated cardboard. But these too can be used as efficiently as possible in the transport of your item, if you equip your Slimbox packaging station with a Slimbox shredder. This handy machine allows you to convert your surpluses into cardboard filling mats that you can use as filler in the box. Or you can wrap these mats around your materials for extra protection. You choose whether you create mats with a lot of volume that fill up a lot of empty space or just flat mats. No negative boxing experience with plastic, the customer receives a carefully wrapped package, the corrugated cardboard can be recycled and put into good use.

Added value for your production efficiency

The Slimbox shredder is a robust machine, with stronger than average blades. That means you do not have to carefully pick out your residual cardboard before you put it through the shredder. The shredder will have no problems with leftover staples or tape, and will continue to grind and chop.

The input height of the shredder is 12 mm. This means that you can put several sheets on top of each other and at the same time convert them into filling material.

One note of warning: the shredder also produces dust. So do not use it in a place where food is processed.

Technical specifications

The Slimbox shredder achieved the energy efficiency label IE3. The machine consumes on average 30% less than comparable devices on the market. The shredder works on a standard 230 V socket. In operation, the machine produces 68dB(a).

Want to see our shredder in action? Of course you do!🫱 .


Curious about the Slimbox rental system? Book a demo easily and remotely. Do you have a specific question or do you want to know what Slimbox can mean for your company? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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