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Stuck in the auto lock box?

Fefco what?

The FEFCO 215 or Auto lock box represents a specific style of box that holds immense potential for slimbox applications. Characterized by its streamlined design, FEFCO 215 offers a perfect blend of structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

  1. Structural Brilliance: FEFCO 215 boasts a design that ensures optimal strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for slimbox packaging. The structure provides excellent protection for delicate items without compromising on the overall size and weight of the package.

  2. Efficient Utilization of Space: Slimbox packaging is all about maximizing efficiency, and FEFCO 215 excels in this aspect. The design allows for the smart utilization of space, ensuring that the packaging is sleek and functional without unnecessary bulk.

  3. Versatility in Application: Whether you are in the e-commerce business, retail, or any industry requiring slim and efficient packaging, this auto lock box adapts seamlessly. Its versatile design accommodates a variety of products, from electronics to fashion items, ensuring a snug fit and protection during transit.

Auto lock box with Slimbox


The auto lock box is part of the standard Slimbox portfolio, which means that this model automatically adapts it's dimensions towards the size of your product to pack. This for your manual input, your favorite and or via an API link to your WMS/ERP/backoffice system.


there is no better way of explaining how to fold a Fefco215 than in this video ;)


The Fefco2015 or Auto lock box is a good combination between practical packing (even as SIOC or primary packaging) and aesthetics. It's not easy to handle and fold, but once you have the hang of it it becomes an easy habit (6 seconds to fold and pack).

Because of the design and different lines it tends to use more corrugated and printing time than for example an American Box.

Slimbox's review

  • Box design: practically aesthetic

  • Easiness & speed of handling: Medium - 6 seconds

  • Box safety: Medium

  • Suggested type of corrugated: Butterfly (E-flute)

  • Corrugated efficiency: Medium low

  • Print speed: Medium slow


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