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Packaging challenge accepted! – Ceiling plateWe at Slimbox like to claim we can package anything –

We at Slimbox like to claim we can package anything – rightfully so! And we never shy away from a challenge. That is why we started our challenge ‘packaging challenge accepted’.

How does it work? With our Slimbox-installation we always make a packaging that is made-to-measure for your product. Our sturdy and efficient laser cutter ensures that your product can be expedited safely and without damage, while using a minimum of cardboard and fillers. Do you have an item that you find hard to package? We gladly rise to your packaging challenge!

Time for our second challenge! The company ‘Lichtkoning’ sells ceiling plates for their customers to hang the lightning of their choice from. The problem with these plates is that they are long, flat and narrow… Therefor, they run the risk of arriving bent and damaged at the customers’ address. We at Slimbox have solved this problem by making a box composed of two triangles.

The advantages speak for themselves. The Slimbox packaging…

  • Ensures an unprecedented sturdiness;

  • Gives an optimal protection against bending;

  • Guarantees a sturdy package that can take a beating;

  • Is cheap, without sacrificing any quality

  • Is made to measure your product

  • Protects the extremities of the product equally well. That is required for heavy products that could slide and damage the covers.

But don’t take our word for it! Toon will show you how to efficiently package the ceiling plate with the Slimbox solution.

And now it is your turn! Bring us your challenge through… and we will deliver a made-to-measure packaging solution. Challenge accepted!


Welke vraag je ook hebt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren. We bekijken graag hoe we kunnen helpen met jouw verpakkingsvragen.

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