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Ready, set, go! for the busiest shopping time of the year.

Give your customer the complete Black Friday experience with these four tips!

The biggest retail party of the year is coming! For a few years now, Black Friday has ­been a familiar concept in our country too. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season. To lure people to the stores, many shops advertise special offers – both online and in retail. In the United States, people even have the day off.

Brace yourself, because with these tips you will give your customer the 'full Black Friday experience'.

Tip 1: Make a choice

Has the date already been marked in your agenda? Does this also mean the start of one of the strongest sales periods of the year for your shop? Whether you are a believer in Black Friday or not, this is the time to find out what your current shop limits are, or what volume your shop can currently handle. It can also help you to push those boundaries just that little bit further. So check where your priorities and opportunities lie.

Tip 2: Don’t settle for less

Black Friday is an opportunity to attract new customers and convert them from price hunters into value buyers. Engrave your name and logo into your customer's memory, so they will have it in mind for a next purchase. Spoil them with candy, a message, a sticker or a voucher code in the box. An extra surprise in the box ensures that the customer values you just a little bit higher than your competitor.

Your packaging also speaks. Work with personalized tape on your boxes, a nice sticker or a personal print on your packaging.

What can we do here at Slimbox? A custom-made box with sustainable fillers makes the difference for your customer in the first customer contact. ( and

Tip 3: Prepare

In the following months the packages will be flying out at a solid pace. Make sure you have enough packaging cardboard, boxes, fillers and staff ready so that you can get through the next few months without stress.

Have you thought about the right media campaign? This is the time to do more: more customers, more shipments, more purchases. Use your marketing budget through the right channels to reach the right customers.

Tip 4: Evaluate

Don't be afraid to be critical. What went well, what could have gone better, where could it have gone faster or more efficiently? Did all parcels reach your customer on time, quickly and undamaged? Where did you score this year and where can you do even better next year?

Our employee Toon will tell you what it takes to turn the following months into a win-win-win period. Good luck!


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