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Packaging challenge accepted! - Outdoor furniture

“We can wrap anything!”. You would think it is easier said than done, but rest assured: at Slimbox we do not shy away from a challenge.

That is why we are launching 'packaging challenge accepted'. How does it work? With our Slimbox installation, we always make a made-to-measure packaging for your product. Our robust and efficient laser cutter always ensures that your product can be shipped safely with a minimum of cardboard and fillers, without the risk of being damaged. Do you have an item that is difficult to pack? We are happy to take on your packaging challenge.

Here we go with our first challenge! A customer of ours sold a stylishly designed but difficult to pack outdoor chair. Plastics proved to be anything but an ideal packaging solution. The chair was packed too lightly and was at high risk of damage during transport. Result: a damaged chair, which is returned and destroyed, and a new chair has to be packed and shipped.

You might consider a cardboard solution, but making a standard box for the chair was not an option. The result would be too large and sturdy which would make the packaging and shipping price too high. In terms of storage, this custom box would take up too much space. In the long run, the customer even thought of simply removing the chair from their catalogue. Shame.

Enter Slimbox! We made a protective packaging for the chair in which we:

• fitted a cardboard protection around the backrest and seat.

• protected the legs separately with an easy-to-apply cardboard protection that can easily be attached around the chair legs.

Result: an easy-to-apply customized packaging. The chair withstands transport without paint damage, which means fewer returns, fewer costs and a lower ecological footprint. Phew, this customer can keep their popular chair on offer.

But – for once - don't take our word for it: our employee Toon will show you how to pack the chair efficiently with the Slimbox solution. The time starts… now.

And now it’s your turn! Send us your packaging challenge via this channel or and we will provide you with a made-to-measure packaging solution. Challenge accepted!


Welke vraag je ook hebt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren. We bekijken graag hoe we kunnen helpen met jouw verpakkingsvragen.

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