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How MAAAT  transformed packaging from a pain to an added value, both as production company and 3PL!

MAAAT is a sheltered workplace using the Slimbox both for their production- and 3PL businessunit. In both cases, they've transformed packaging from a pain to an added value for their (and their customers') workflow.

MAAAT as an exernal production company

MAAAT is operating as a production and assembly partner for their customers. At the end of the process, they're often packaging the finished products for their customers.

Since working with Slimbox, packaging became a part of the added value towards the customers. This results in more professional packaging: space reduction, safer shipment, and just better-suited packaging. This with the flexibility they can now offer. The customers don't have to think about their packaging, type of packaging, or even the stockmanagement and can leave the whole packaging responsibility to MAAAT.

Of course, MAAAT is also benefiting from this flexibility as they now don't have any more production downtime because of packaging.

MAAAT as a 3PL

Besides being a production company, MAAAT also operates as a 3PL (third-party logistics provider) where they pick, pack, handle, and ship for their customers.

While professionalizing their packaging process with Slimbox, they experienced some of the same added values as within their production business unit.

Because of the flexibility that came with Slimbox, the entire mindset of MAAAT and their customers changed towards packaging. Packaging became an obvious and simple addition to the service. There's no need to make concessions regarding quality, dimensions, or minimum volumes, and no more deadstock is needed.

As a 3PL, MAAAT is even able to enhance the customer experience with inlays, personalization, branded corrugated and perfectly fitted packaging that feels like a gift."


As said in the video, implementing a Slimbox into your production and/or packaging flow has a positive influence on a lot of stakeholders within the company. From management to sales, operators, production responsibles to the purchasing division everybody is benefiting from the new way we look at packaging. 

"Flexibility is the keyword within this project; Slimbox brought us the flexibility to pack whatever, whenever, and however our customers want."

Is Slimbox iets voor jou?


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