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More professional appearance for Nuevo Construct

Nuevo Construct based in Cluj, Romania, sells spare parts for JCB excavators.

Gains in several areas for Nuevo Construct

  • Always the right packaging

  • Clear branding on each shipment

  • More professional appearance

  • Higher perceived value of products

  • Increased customer confidence

No suitable packaging

Nuevo Construct devotes all of its time to searching for and selling the most suitable spare parts, which they in turn purchase in bulk. Before, these parts were packed separately in standard shipping boxes or even in plastic bags, out of sheer necessity, to then be shipped to customers. 

Not only did these standard shipping solutions not provide optimal protection for the sensitive technical parts, they also did not reflect the time it took to find the right replacement parts. In addition, it came across as unprofessional, caused a sense of mistrust among customers, and brought down the perceived value of the products.

Cardboard shipping boxes, custom-made and printed

However, this professional image has completely been restored since Nuevo Construct switched to Slimbox. They now make their own boxes, both customized and printed. This way, they not only increase the perceived value of their goods, it also gives the company a more professional image. This increased customer confidence leads to more loyal customers, more sales and a well-deserved sense of pride for Nuevo Construct itself.

"Thanks to Slimbox, we were able to become more professional. Our customers believe in our products even more thanks to the professional and quality appearance of our packaging."

Marius Riter, Assistant Manager Nuevo Construct

Looking for a professional shipping box?

With Slimbox, you can create professional looking cardboard boxes with just the touch of a button. More sustainable, cheaper and super easily made, more professional looking for your customer. Curious how Slimbox can improve your customer experience? Book your personal demo.



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