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Save more.

We understand that it sounds a bit too good to be true. How can a machine reduce my costs over simply buying standard boxes? Well, allow us to explain...

We had it checked. We're right.

Okay, that sounds cocky. But thanks to the hard work from the people over at BrightWolves, we can now actually input your numbers into an extensive tool, that allows us to see how much a Slimbox is actually going to save you. No smoke and mirrors, real data. Your data.


Just think about it.

Too much stock

Your money should be in your stock, so that you can sell more. Not in stock of boxes and filler materials. Which you might not even use.

Dimensional weight

When you pay for the size of your box to get it shipped, you're paying through the nose. Reduce your transport costs by more than 40%. More margin for you, or better prices for your customers. Which step will you take to get ahead of your competition?

Filler materials

Have you ever seen anyone happy because they received more plastic cushions than the size of their order? Ok, we have to admit, bubblewrap does pop nice. But at what price?

Looking for boxes costs time

Ever wondered how much time your team spends on getting the right box? Not just at the packing table, but also searching the warehouse, sourcing, ordering and back-ordering them online, etc. Thanks to the Slimbox, you just make them on the spot.

Broken goods

Dissatisfied customer, bad review, re-packing and shipping, arranging insurance, customer follow up, ... What for? Just because you couldn't find the right box? Expensive mistake.

Happier customers

Make your customers' experience magical. Make the box fit. And even personalize it. All with one solution. Let them unwrap and love it so much they don't only come back, but also bring their friends.

You didn't hear it from us.


Bo Van De Walle, Beau by Bo

When I'm looking for the goods that I want to sell in our shop, I don't even think about the boxes anymore. We just make them fit.

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