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What is a Slimbox Matryoshka?

It happens. You just made a box with your Slimbox, but the material you used was too thin. So the box likely won't survive the transport it has to undertake. Now what?

Well, first of all, don't panic. A Slimbox Matryoshka is an easy to produce box that goes around the previously made box. And you can keep doing that process until you hit the limits of your material. The resulting boxes simply fit over one another, just like the Russian nesting dolls, providing added strength to your package. And the cool thing of it all is, you just need to press one button. No need to measure your box. See how it works in the video.

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Fit Things is the Belgian company behind the invention and development of the Slimbox. Our mission: We want to allow any individual or company to reduce their waste and carbon emissions while optimizing costs by delivering the best possible solutions. 


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