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Postal and Parcel Technology International Awards Winner

The award is in its ninth year already and became very prestigious in the global postal and parcel market. Previous winners were very large organizations like DHL, Posten Norge, Austrian Post, and TNT. But this time the jury of 18 specialists from the postal industry, selected Fit Things with their Slimbox as the winner for the Environmental Achievement of the year 2017.

Slimbox is a solution that cuts perfectly fitted packaging out of flat sheets of corrugated cardboard. It was designed specifically for companies that send between 30 and 200 parcels per day of different dimensions. Therefore we made it small enough so that it fits in an office environment, easy enough for anyone to use, has practically no maintenance but most of all, has an incredible return on investment.

During an official ceremony on the 26th of September at the Post-Expo in Geneva, the award was handed over to Peter Somers (CEO of Sprintpack). Peter is one of the external members of the Board of Advice of Fit Things and attended the expo.

The award is a recognition from a very important industry for all the hard work the entire team has been putting into Slimbox. The team has proven that it can create a complex solutions but make it incredibly easy for anyone to use. And with its first deliveries last month, all that within the promised time frame.

An article about the the award can be found in the latest Postal and parcel technology international magazine.


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