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Our appreance on Dragon's Den (Leeuwenkuil)

Last night we appeared in Leeuwenkuil on Vier, the Belgian version of Dragon's Den (UK) - Shark Tank (US). During this reality-TV program entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hope to secure investment finance.

Since we are a startup and this was the very first time the show aired in Belgium, we took the opportunity to talk to potential investors where we otherwise might not even appear on their radar. It was obviously also a very good way to promote our product on television.

Leeuwenkuil translates to Lion's pit. Even though we were given enough time to pitch and explain our product, the lions (jury) did not invest in our company. Everyone had their own reasons, but none had something against the product or idea in general.

We hope the airing this episode will put us in contact with other interesting investors and potential clients.

Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to show the episode.


Welke vraag je ook hebt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren. We bekijken graag hoe we kunnen helpen met jouw verpakkingsvragen.

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