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Rental price € 680 / month


Buying standard boxes is so 2020. You realize that you are paying too much for all the filler materials and boxes and maybe even for your transport. Because guess what, the big players aren't paying for dimensional weight. You are. So how about you start using the same tools as they have: a machine to make right sized packaging. Reduce your costs and carbon footprint. Personalize every box by etching a message in it. Make your customers come back to you. That is what this solution will do for you.

It works with regular corrugated sheets, which you can get through us, if you like.


The price includes:

  • A Slimbox machine
  • Unlimited access to the Slimbox library, allowing you to make many models of boxes in any size

Slimbox Standard (reservation fee)

  • Renting a Slimbox starts on the day the installation leaves our production facility. A rental contract initially runs 4 months. After those months the rental contract is automatically renewed every year and can thus also be up- or downgraded or even cancelled at that time.

  • When you start renting the Slimbox, you will be able to have the option to also have the corrugated cardboard (both sheets as Z-folded sheets) delivered on demand or recurring through us. 

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