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Size doesn't matter (when it comes to Slimbox)

“How big or how small can you make your corrugated box?” Is most often the first question we get asked after the amazement after explaining the Slimbox concept.

Slimbox is a very versatile packaging solution. The combination of innovative software, a powerful laser cutter and endless cardboard on pallet provides unprecedented possibilities for both large and small boxes.

Size doesn't matter

Endless carton

We work with pallets of cardboard with a width of 103 cm. The length of the cardboard on such a " z-fold" cardboard is -depending on the type of currogated cardboard- no less than 750 meters.

Cutting a box for a 3 meter long umbrella? No problem.

Large packages often need to be strong enough to protect heavy articles. It is best to choose strong cardboard, e.g. double-layer EB-flute corrugated cardboard. A layer of strong E-flute cardboard combined with the slightly thicker cushioning B-flute cardboard. Strong and protected.

With its powerful laser, Slimbox can even cut three-layer cardboard, up to a thickness of 8 mm.


You can choose between some 15 different existing box models in the user-friendly interface. But also for a number of standard inlays that help protect or present your product.

Everything depends on the item to be packaged, because each box model has its pro's and cons.

For example, a coffee cup is best packed in a Fefco 210, a classic boxmodell with a flap at the top. A poster with a "mailing tube triangle" or a cell phone case with a mailbox box (Fefco 427). Beautiful boxes, but these boxes have a somewhat complex design that takes up more space on the cardboard-plane than a standard straightforward American shipping box.

Our laser technology allows us to cut miniature sized boxes. Just for fun, I made a box, Fefco 210 at size 3x3x3 cm. To illustrate the possibilities, I cut one at 1x1x1 cm.

Those sizes are perfect for cutting, but be careful when you actually ship your packages. Postal companies impose minimum dimensions for your shipments in addition to maximum dimensions. At, for example, this is 11 x 15 x 3.5 cm.

If you want to make a large packaging you choose the right box model.

To make packaging for a long heavy piece, e.g. a parasol with size 4000 x 40 x 40 cm, choose a Fefco 201. Closing this box is done with tape or a strapping machine.

If you want to put a box on a europallet, choose a Fefco 201 with size 1200x800. The height can go up to 60 cm.

If you want to go even bigger, you can cut a Fefco 314 with our machine, where our Slimbox makes a separate bottom and lid and the matching walls.


You can cut boxes from 1 cm3, up to the size of a europallet with our Slimbox.


Welke vraag je ook hebt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren. We bekijken graag hoe we kunnen helpen met jouw verpakkingsvragen.

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