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Rental price € 1.175/ month


When you need several hundreds of boxes per day out of the door, you want to be fully equipped. From the start of the line till the end. With this installation you don't only create boxes in the fastest and most automated way possible, you also take care of the leftovers. Because thanks to the corrugated shredder, those can be turned into useful extra protection for your most vulnerable products.


The price includes:

  • A Slimbox machine
  • A corrugated cardboard fanfold feeder
  • Two tables, making sure you have it all covered
  • A corrugated shredder, which creates protective material
  • Unlimited access to the Slimbox library, allowing you to make many models of boxes in any size

Slimbox All-in (reservation fee)

  • Renting a Slimbox starts on the day the installation leaves our production facility. A rental contract initially runs 4 months. After those months the rental contract is automatically renewed every year and can thus also be up- or downgraded or even cancelled at that time.

  • When you start renting the Slimbox, you will be able to choose to also have the corrugated cardboard delivered on demand or recurring through us. We follow the market price and always communicate openly about the prices with our customers. Since you are now only reserving, going into detail about it is too soon. However, you might be interested to already see which ROI the Slimbox can deliver to you, using your current numbers.

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