Shipping Boxes

We feel you!

Your customers complain about the oversize boxes they receive. You spend loads on filler materials and all sorts of boxes. Not to mention the transport costs. And face it, though your fulfillment team works as hard as they can, getting the boxes right is just a pain in the a**.

Have you ever considered making your own boxes?
Not by hand! Just by using a very easy to use machine.


That is what Slimbox does!


Reduce your costs

When you are running an e-commerce, reducing costs is key. It's hard to get a good margin in a dog-eat-dog industry. Only the ones who optimize their cost structure will prevail!

And yes, you guessed it right, Slimbox can help you with that.

Just think of what you can change when you start making your own boxes.


Sheets of cardboard are always less expensive than boxes. And you only need one or two types.


Smaller boxes equals less costs. Certainly when Dimensional Weight comes in play.

Filler material

Probably all filler materials can be eliminated. Fragile goods can be protected with an inlay.


The inefficiency for ordering and searching the right boxes every time again.

Reverse logistics

Who’s paying for broken goods when delivered? Fitting boxes means less broken parcels.

If you don't do it...

... for the costs, then do it for our planet!

On average, parcels have 40% too much air and filler materials. That's a problem!

That means too many vans, trucks, planes and ships going around. But also filler materials which don't degrade.

Show your customers you care about the environment and we bet you they'll love it! Make them happier.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

2. Enter

Fill in the dimensions you want.

Don't believe us? We dare you to press this button.

1. Select

Choose from the large number of boxes and inlays, both Fefco-standards and our own unique designs.

3. Start

Press the start button. Just push a sheet of corrugated in the Slimbox and it automagically does the rest for you.



Fits in an office environment, just like a copier. But in production too of course.

Coming through

Just push down the tables et voila, you can roll it through any regular door. 


On its wheels, it can easily be moved around. And with a simple push, they are blocked.


On the side of the Slimbox are LEDs, instructing and showing the progress of the job.

We get it. Space is precious. And your company grows, so things move around. That's why we designed the Slimbox in the most compact form we could think of.