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Slimbox is dedicated to revolutionizing the packaging of long products.

Packaging long products

At Slimbox, we understand the unique challenges involved in packaging long, fragile, and valuable products. It's a nightmare to realize that there are no standard boxes that fit perfectly for those precious 2-meter-long stainless steel finishing profiles, let alone getting a custom box for each of your specific items. Finding a suitable box for narrow, long items is not always straightforward.

Often, packers are forced to come up with creative solutions, armed with cardboard, knives, and tape. This time-consuming process often results in messy packaging that doesn't provide adequate sturdiness. The worst part is that these improvisations lead to a higher risk of damages and return shipments, incurring both cost and administrative burdens.

Slimbox solution

At Slimbox, we have the perfect solutions to address these problems, and we proudly introduce two new types to our catalog:

  • Fefco 503 Variant: Our customized version of the Fefco 503 box is designed to efficiently and elegantly package long profiles. You have the option to add or not add a lid at the top. With our customizable closures, known as "mushrooms," you can quickly and efficiently seal the box, ensuring you always receive a custom-made package.

  • Triangular boxes with inlays: We've also added robust triangular boxes to our product range. These boxes are specially designed to handle heavy loads and protect fragile products from damage. What makes this solution unique is the triangular inlays that allow you to cut out a shape of your choice. This ensures products are safely and custom-fitted in these sturdy triangular boxes, preventing any movement during transport.

With these applications, you not only send packages more securely but also in a much more efficient, cost-effective, and professional manner!

Do you have other packaging challenges? Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll explore how we can tackle your packaging challenges together.


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