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Coup de cœur

On May 30th, at the Grafitec exhibition in Paris, we received the Coup de cœur. A large jury of industry experts awarded Slimbox. Grafitec is an exhibition that is held every two years and which is the largest event for the print-industry in France.

This award shows that the Slimbox is again a perfect solution for yet another industry: the printing industry. It allows companies to make boxes for any non-standard size product they produce. Of course A4 and A5 models are very common. But it just takes a lot of time to pack things like calendars, note-books, odd size business cards, large size posters, etc.


Welke vraag je ook hebt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren. We bekijken graag hoe we kunnen helpen met jouw verpakkingsvragen.

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