Plans & Pricing

We want to help you grow. That is why our solutions are built to grow along with your company. Pick one plan now and change it whenever you need to.

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Make any box from sheets. Quickly change between thin and thick corrugated.

€ 399 / month

Reserve yours now for only

€ 100


Real production starts here. Fully automated and integrated into your fulfillment flow.

€ 599 / month

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€ 100


When you also want to take control over your waste flow.

€ 699 / month

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€ 100


Five years ago, we launched the very first Slimbox into the market. Since then, a lot of things have changed, from the market over materials to technology. That meant the solution could use a serious update.

We are currently finalizing the design, running prototypes with a number of clients, starting production and finetuning the software. By the second quarter of 2022, the first production models will be put into the field.


Be the first at zero risk

By reserving a machine today, you take zero risk. Though we ask for € 100 to reserve your spot, it is fully refundable if you would change your mind. Any plan you select today, can always be changed later.

Delivery zones

We want to give you the very best service. Not only on maintenance, but also for the delivery of corrugated cardboard. Therefore we decided to start deploying in zones. The first machines are planned for Belgium and The Netherlands - close to where we are located. We are first focussing on Europe and North-America.

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What about the material?

When you rent one of our solutions, you can choose to also get the material (corrugated cardboard) through our network.

Our prices follow the market and are alway openly communicated with our customers. As soon as we know the delivery date of your solution, we'll personally contact you to see what option you would like to choose.