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Fewer damaged shipments for Labom

Labom from Germany manufactures and sells a diverse range of parts for pressure gauges in all kinds of industries, from the food industry to shipbuilding.

The advantages for Labom

  • Always a suitable packaging

  • No need to stock packaging boxes anymore

  • More space in the warehouse

  • Less returns

  • Cost savings through less damaged products

  • Cheaper shipments

  • Less CO2 emissions from shipments

  • More satisfied customers

Fragile products and extensive range

With an international customer base, Labom ships parts at home and abroad, as smaller boxes bundled into a large package. However, that didn’t always turn out as planned. 


Pressure gauge parts are often equipped with glass displays and highly sensitive measuring equipment and sensors. In order to pack and ship the products well protected in standard boxes, Labom had to rely on a lot of filling material, with no guarantee that the product would reach the customer undamaged.

In addition, Labom has a considerably large range of different products, each with its own dimensions. This required a permanent stock of packaging boxes in different sizes; a costly endeavor that, on top of that, took up a lot of space.

Better protection, no more stock

In their search for a better packaging solution, Labom stumbled upon Slimbox, which tackles two (and more) problems at once. Because Labom now creates each box itself, they have a suitable cardboard box for each product in their range. They were able to say goodbye to their large stock of standard boxes, freeing up extra budget and space.


Because the shipping boxes made with Slimbox are tightly fitting, fragile products are firmly secured during transport. As a result, Labom is seeing a 25% reduction in returns, which not only benefits the company financially, but also makes for a more positive customer experience.


A final benefit is that Labom can now ship much more efficiently. Because the tight-fitting cardboard boxes contain almost no air and padding material, they take up less space: multiple packages fit into one large package, making shipments cheaper while reducing Labom’s carbon footprint.

Would you like to reduce your number of returns?


With Slimbox, you can create a tailor-made package with just one touch of a button. Pack and ship greener, cheaper and more efficiently while increasing customer satisfaction. Looking for the ideal solution? Ditch your old bulky packaging boxes and book your personal demo now.



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