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More purchasing flexibility for BEAU by Bo

BEAU by Bo is the online place to be for home decoration, small furniture, pottery and goods for kids, operated by Antwerp mom-of-two Bo. This one-woman webshop quickly grew into a full-blown online store, and that came with some challenges.

The advantages of Slimbox for ecommerce

  • Always a suitable packaging at hand

  • More freedom in purchasing policy

  • No stock of packing boxes anymore

  • Less time lost on returns

  • Less damaged products

  • More satisfied customers

  • Less CO2 emissions from shipments

  • A greener brand image

  • ...

Delicate products, difficult to pack

A few typical products on the BEAU by Bo web shop? Candles, teapots, hanging lamps, clocks and mirrors: all quite delicate and fragile. Or carpets, small furniture and toys in crazy shapes: hard to pack in standard shipping boxes. Many products, especially the mirrors, arrived at the customer’s door damaged. 


To reduce the number of disappointed customers, the hassle of returns and the lost revenue due to damaged products, Bo adapted her product range according to the formats of standard shipping boxes – a limitation that, as a webshop owner, you would rather not take into account.

From 72% damaged mirrors to 9%

Until she switched to Slimbox! Bo made the switch at the end of 2020 and achieved results that we are very proud of. Thanks to the better fit of the cardboard boxes she makes herself with Slimbox, her products are less likely to be damaged during transport: where previously 72% of the mirrors sent got damaged and returned, this is now only 9%. Moreover, Bo no longer needs to keep a stock of packaging boxes in all sorts of sizes, because she makes them herself, tailored to the sizing of the product. 

And best of all, BEAU by Bo's product range is filled with the things she actually wants to sell. The days of paying attention to the size of merchandise to make sure it fits in your standard shipping boxes are a thing of the past, thanks to Slimbox.

"Since Slimbox, I no longer have to base my buying policy on formats. The packaging adapts to my product."

Bo Van De Walle, owner BEAU by Bo

Curious what Slimbox can do for you?

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