Why did we make Slimbox?

Before we launched Slimbox, we owned a printing company. Finding right-sized boxes was one of our daily struggles. To remedy this problem, we searched the market for a machine that could customize our boxes in-house without costing too much time or money. We found nothing. We were stunned that such a machine was not yet on the market so we decided to build it ourselves.

How it works
Filip Roose

Filip Roose CEO

“Of all the projects I ever tackled, I believe this is by far the most prestigious one. We created a solution to a problem so many people were not even aware of. And therein lies our challenge: to show the industry and potential users how Slimbox can impact their business. We believe that our solution will make a positive impact on a market that’s growing by double digits year after year. It will pay itself back in a short period of time, reduce costs as of that moment and make the customer more environmentally conscious. An overall win-win solution that will change how people look at the packaging industry as a whole.”

Rik Roose

Rik Roose CTO

“My whole professional career has revolved around machines. Installing and repairing printing machines all over Europe as a young employee, making printing machines myself and overseeing the staff at my very own printing company. But although I do have some experience, Slimbox challenged me to go the extra mile. To think about usability, safety and design when building a machine. We literally started from scratch. The first Slimbox prototype consisted purely of plate metal and bars. And that right there is why I love it so much.”

Kristof Roose

Kristof Roose CBO

“As a team, we’ve built a robust but elegant machine. It looks smooth and clean, yet it handles complex tasks in a simple and efficient way. I’ve always been fond of solving problems while still putting the user experience first. And that’s exactly how we started this project: believing we could tackle a big problem in a user-friendly way. Slimbox is the product of hard work and keen observation (the devil’s in the details). I for one couldn’t be prouder. I hope you like it too.”

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